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Local Housing Strategy 2023 - 2028


Everyone should have a good quality, affordable home that meets their needs where they feel safe. Having this foundation allows us to flourish in other important aspects of life such as our health and education.

South Ayrshire Council is now preparing for the development of the next Local Housing Strategy. This is a five year plan that will identify housing priorities for the local area based on:

  • evidence gathered,

  • the views of tenants and residents, and

  • the views of our many partner organisations.

When complete, the Local Housing Strategy will contain a list of outcomes and actions that Housing Services will work to achieve. The current Local Housing Strategy 2017 - 2022 can be found here on the Council's website.

We’d like to hear your views to help understand housing related issues being experienced by people who live in South Ayrshire. Please provide your comments on the suggested challenges and priorities in the Debates tab below. If you have any proposals about developing the Local Housing Strategy, please share them with us in the Proposals tab. Please add any comments and likes or dislikes to other people’s comments and proposals too.

The Council is also currently conducting a survey to identify specific challenges and priorities experienced in localised areas, by certain age groups, by housing tenure etc. We’d very much like you to complete the survey which can be found here at Local Housing Strategy 2023 - 2028 Survey.

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