Change your username

Dear South Ayrshire Community Conversations (SACC) user.


Thank you for becoming a registered user on South Ayrshire Council’s digital platform where residents can have conversations to help decide how to shape the South Ayrshire they want to live in.

Please be aware that any input you make into the platform i.e. comments, proposals etc. will have your username tagged to it and be visible for all the public to see. Therefore, we highly recommend users do not use their email as their username and also ensure their username is unidentifiable i.e. anonymous.

To change your username login to the SACC platform then go into “My account” at the top right of the screen and update your “Personal details Username” to something that is unidentifiable to other users so they cannot identify you or attribute to you any comments, proposals etc. that you enter into the platform.

Make sure you save any updates using the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Please note that updating your username in this part of the SACC platform will NOT change your login username to enter the SACC platform. This update will only change the username presented and tagged with comments, proposals etc. that you make within the SACC platform.

We also recommend users read the User Guidelines available on the Home Page.

We thank you for registering and hope that, as the platform matures and new users participate, good constructive conversations follow.


Kind regards,

SACC Admin