Collaborative legislation process

Barrhill Place Planning

Identity and Belonging - What could be done? Suggestions from the previous stage included providing newsletters and social media.

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  • cdacda

    Save our valley from overhead powerlines threatening to despoiling the Duisk river valley. Put the cables underground.
    Ought Barrhill be identified as the most overhead powerlined village in Ayrshire? Answer: the people of Barrhill say NO. Let commerce respect the environment - That is the identity of Barrhill.

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    • Brucethespruce

      The dissemination of community news appears to be rather hit-and-miss. A regular mail out/newsletter to all households should not be ruled out and would at least ensure all households received the relevant information. Lists of local resources would be helpful e.g. businesses, or businesses willing to work in Barrhill, would be useful since it is often difficult to find someone to do any work here. On the subject of reaching out to people, few seemed to know that this Collaborative Legislation Process existed, and fewer still seem to have taken the opportunity to comment online either on the Barrhill section, or indeed, on any other. One has to question whether this online process is actually working as it should.

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