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    I'm wondering how this process has got this far when most of the residents of Barrhill don't seem to know about it and only four people attended the meeting in November. I don't see how the conclusions from that meeting can have any validity. Furthermore there seems to be no mention of the disastrous impact of wind farms on people who live in the Barrhill Community Council Area but not in the village itself.

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    • Brucethespruce

      According to the attached PDF - Barrhill Place Planning Priority for Action Engagement Outcomes dated June 2022 - a total of 7 people took part in the Barrhill consultation including with a community group (who?) and 3 online surveys. This would suggest little or no actual engagement with the majority of the residents of Barrhill, rather making a mockery of the 'community conversation'. If a proper consultation had taken place, particularly with those residents living outwith the actual village and close to the many wind farms in the area, then the top Priority for Action would likely be to stop any further wind farm development and investigate the appalling noise problems of the wind farms already in operation. The engagement of this consultation has been poor and the outcome so far very disappointing. I suggest a review of this consultation to date to properly include residents with very genuine grievances about wind farm development in Barrhill.

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