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Local Housing Strategy 2023 - 2028

6. Fuel poverty and energy efficiency of existing homes

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  • Brucethespruce

    Even before the extortionate energy price rises this year (2022), nearly a quarter of Scottish households were in fuel poverty, roughly twice that of England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Considering Scotland bears the burden of most (intermittent and unreliable) wind farm development, it is indefensible that Scottish households have to suffer the additional burden of extortionately high energy bills. The fact that energy company profits are scandalously high and rising alongside household energy bills has not gone unnoticed. Perhaps the Scottish Govt, their agencies and local councils could take a break from giving the green light to so many wind farm developments (to say this area is now oversubscribed would be an understatement) and instead pay some attention to helping people improve the housing stock and heat their homes this winter.

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