How to register

1. To contribute to the South Ayrshire Community Conversations (SACC) platform you need to register with mygovscot myaccount. Each registration is for a single user only. Every potential new user must read the Terms and Conditions of use before registering. The T & Cs are located at the bottom of the SACC home page. If you already have a mygovscot myaccount then go directly to step 8 below.

2. To register, a user clicks on the  button located in the top right corner of the SACC home page and the Register page will open.

3. User clicks on the “Register with” button  on the Register page.

4. User is directed to the mygovscot myaccount page to create an account with myaccount. Click “Register”.

5. If you do not already have an account with myaccount you’ll be directed to the mygovscot “Register for Account” page where you’ll need to create a myaccount account by filling in your personal details, name, email address, date of birth, gender and postal address.  The postal address gets assigned a local authority code that links to a council area.

6. After details are entered an email is sent from myaccount to the new user with a verification link.

7. Once the user’s myaccount account is created the user can sign into the SACC platform.

8. If you already have an account with myaccount go to the SACC platform and click on  at the top right corner of the homepage and the Sign in page will appear. 


9. User clicks on the "Sign in with" button  on the Sign in page.

10. Enter your username and password into myaccount and click sign in. If you have used the SACC platform before you are returned to the homepage of the SACC platform and are logged in. If this is your first time using your SACC platform an account is created.

11. On the myaccount site, you’ll be asked if you consent to your data being used by the SACC platform and there are checkboxes for Core and Optional data that will be sent to the SACC platform.  If you’re happy with the Core data and any optional data to be sent to the SACC platform from myaccount then select “Yes take me there” and you should go into the SACC platform. If not happy for the exchange of data then select “No, log me out” and you won’t be able to sign in to the SACC platform.  Note if you want to withdraw your consent later, you can log into myaccount and click on the consent tab to withdraw your consent.

12. Every proposal or comment a user makes will have their username visibly tagged to their input. Therefore, it is highly recommended during you first log into the SACC platform that you then go into My account at the top right of the homepage on the SACC platform

and update your username to something that is unidentifiable to other users so they cannot identify you or attribute to you any comments, proposals etc. that you may enter into the platform.

Make sure you save any updates using the  button at the bottom of the page. Note updating your username in this part of the SACC platform will not change your log in username to the SACC platform as you sign in using your mygovscot myaccount username which you haven't changed. This update will only change the username presented with comments, proposals etc. that you make within the SACC platform.

13. It’s important you read the user guidelines which outline what you can and can’t do when using the SACC platform and reasons we will block your account.