What is South Ayrshire Community Conversations?

South Ayrshire Community Conversations is an online platform that will help the people of South Ayrshire express their views and participate in decisions on important issues within our communities. This guide explains what each of the various sections of the SA Community Conversations platform is for.  Not all sections are available as yet, but they will come online in due course.  Anyone can go online and view the SACC platform but to participate in online discussions, voting and adding proposals you will need to register by signing up to mygovscot myaccount.

  • Let's discuss
  • What do you think? (Not yet available)
  • Your suggestions (Not yet available)
  • Your vote (Not yet available)
  • Your choices (Not yet available)

Let's discuss - In the Let's discuss section of the platform there will be different topics or processes for discussion. You will be able to select any one of the topics, read the relevant information about the topic and then add your comments on the issues up for discussion. You can comment and evaluate other comments left by other users with the I agree or I don't agree buttons. 

What do you think? - The What do you think? section of the platform lets you present and share your opinion or concerns with others on South Ayrshire related issues.  It is a place to generate ideas and by using the other sections of the platform will help lead to actions and change by South Ayrshire Council and/or its partners.  You can open debates, comment and evaluate them with the I agree or I don't agree buttons.

Your suggestions - In the Your suggestions section of the platform you can make proposals for South Ayrshire Council and its partners to consider and carry out. Proposals will require support from the community. If a proposal has sufficient support, it may be put to a public vote and then will be considered by South Ayrshire Council and/or its partners.

Your vote - The Your vote section of the platform is used when a proposal from the community has reached a predefined level of support in the community. It is also used when South Ayrshire Council or one of its partners propose an issue for the community to decide on.

Your choices - The Your choices section of the platform is a participatory budgeting section giving people the opportunity to decide on how part of the public budget is spent.