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Annbank Place Planning


Between August and November 2021 the Council undertook a series of Community Conversations with the community in Annbank, that sought to identify the main concerns facing residents.

The engagement consisted of a number of focused meetings with community groups as well as an online survey. The Scottish Government designed Place Standard toolkit was used to measure and assess the community’s priorities.

The Place Standard sees a score awarded for each of the identified topics that make up a successful place. This ranges from 1, where most improvement is needed, to 7, where no improvement is needed. The scores given by each member of the community who took part were averaged to give an indication of priorities.

A total of 116 people took part in the consultation including from 3 community groups, through 20 paper surveys and 88 online surveys.

The surveys identified Public Transport (score of 3.3), Work and Local Economy (score of 3.4) and Play and Recreation (score of 3.4) as the most pressing concerns.

A fuller breakdown of the responses can be found in the attached Annbank Engagement Outcomes document.

Now that the priorities have been identified we are seeking the views of the community to develop the potential actions that could be delivered by all those with a stake in the village.

We want to hear what you think could be done to make Annbank a better place. Please provide your thoughts, via the Debate tab below, on the order of priorities and for actions that could be undertaken by all those with a stake in Annbank, including the Council, community, private sector and other public sector stakeholders like NHS Ayrshire & Arran. Please be as specific as possible about projects or improvements that could take place. If it relates to a particular location in the village please let us know.

The Place Standard scores from the community conversations are listed in Additional information.

If you have any other proposals please share them with us in the Proposals tab. Please also add any comments and likes or dislikes for other peoples comments and proposals.

This online consultation has been extended to the 30th September 2022. It runs alongside in person workshops with local groups. The outcomes from this consultation will inform the draft Place Plan which will be published for further comment in Autumn 2022.

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